Masseria Cimino is a fortified farmhouse with tower dating back to the 18th century. The Masseria was built just meters from the sea, adjacent to the archeological site where the ruins of the Ancient Roman city of Egnatia, founded in the 6th century B.C., were discovered.

In the 1700’s, blocks of stone originating from the perimeter wall of Egnatia were used in the construction of the farmhouse, on the walls of which markings dating back to the Ancient Roman period can still be clearly seen.

Masseria Cimino, surrounded by expanses of vegetable gardens and century old olive groves, stood at the center of an important agricultural estate, specialized in the cultivation and the preserving of fruit and vegetables.

Selection, pressing, packing, and storage were all carried out in the farm’s various outbuildings. Like great part of the Masseria in Puglia, part of the main farmhouse was used to lodge the workers and as occasional residence of the landowner.

In 2001, on the land surrounding the Masseria, the San Domenico Golf Club was built, with spectacular 18 hole professional golf course overlooking the sea. In 2005, Masseria Cimino was completely restored. Great care was taken to preserve the original architectural features, building materials, and colors of the old farmhouse.